Day 289, December 9th. Summary of #Arestovych and #Feygin daily broadcast

Posted on 10 December 2022



Summary of the daily livestream with Aleksey Arestovych, kindly brought to you by Anastasiya: @Anastasiya1451A

🔥Battlefield overview

🔥Kherson, Mykolaiv & Kharkiv

Russia is launching S-300 missiles against civilians in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhija. Kherson and Nikopol are being shelled by Russian artillery. Several Ukrainian civilians were wounded and died as a result of continuing Russian attacks.


FSB officers’ meeting on the occupied territory was hit by Ukrainian forces with many Russian casualties reported.


Another successful Ukrainian attack on the Russian military target in Berdyansk.

🔥Soledar, Mariinka & Bahmut

Russia continues local attacks and pressure on Ukrainian forces in Soledar, Mariinka and Bahmut. No significant changes on the frontline.

🔥Ukrainian strike on a military airbase in Engels prevents Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilians

After an alleged Ukrainian drone strike on Engels military airbase and the destruction of a couple of Russian strategic bombers that were launching rockets against Ukrainian infrastructure, Russian efficiency and motivation to target Ukrainian infrastructure has decreased. Suddenly Russia realised that murdering Ukrainian kids with rockets may have painful consequences for the Russian military bases.

Indeed, Ukraine having the capabilities to respond, prevent and disincentivize attacks on its critical infrastructure by targeting military targets deep into Russian territory makes Russia rethink its indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.

🔥Exchange of detained civilians

Russia is willing to exchange Ukrainian civilians imprisoned by Russia for Russian assets and Russian collaborators. This is a complicated legal mechanism as Ukraine

Ukraine has already returned 119 Ukrainian children that were kidnapped by Russia. This is the first step to rescuing all of the 150k Ukrainian children kidnapped and illegally deported by Russian invaders, many of whom were separated from their parents and families.

🔥Indian PM Modi

Indian PM Narendra Modi has refused to meet Putin, which was confirmed by Indian sources. This is a sign of Russia losing respect and influence. Russia will be forced to make big concessions to India just as they were forced to sell cheap gas to Erdogan.

🔥UK PM Sunak

UK PM Sunak promised more air-defence for Ukraine. So far, the position and policy of the UK is consistent and clear – Ukrainian victory is essential for the UK’s and European security and prosperity, and the UK will continue supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russian invaders.

🔥Upcoming G7 meeting

G7 leaders will meet soon to discuss, amongst other things, sanctions against Russia and cutting Russian profits from gas and oil. The G7 may also signal to China and India the dangers & pitfalls of trying to aid Russia (e.g. secondary sanctions).

🔥New military aid package from the US

The US announced another military aid package – $275M for artillery rounds, HIMARS ammunition, etc. No new weapons are being announced so far.

🔥Abrams tanks for Poland and a surplus of heavily armoured vehicles

Poland is receiving Abrams tanks from the US. Moreover, the first vehicles and weapons from a contract with S. Korea started to arrive in Poland. All these are to be used in the re-arming and strengthening of the Polish Army.

The resulting surplus of armoured vehicles offers new possibilities for the creative use of these resources.

🔥Russian mobilization & economic-demographic catastrophe in Russia

Russian mobilization and the mass removal of males from Russian society and economy leads to catastrophic effects: loss of productivity, economic losses, increase in accidents (e.g. big fires in Moscow commercial centres), increase in criminality, broken families and abrupt decrease in birth rates.

Russia is losing about 600 soldiers a day, so yesterday’s family guys, IT professionals, managers, railway workers end up mobilized to the frontlines and never come back from the Ukrainian fields. Or, as Putin aka “Loser of the Year” puts it –  “the special military operation is going according to the plan”.

🔥Russia threatening with “preventive nuclear strike”

After considering its military prospects, Russia went back to nuclear blackmail. Putin’s declaration of the potential inclusion of a “preventive nuclear strike” in its military doctrine is more dangerous for Russia than explosions of strategic Russian bomber planes in Engels. The nuclear powers will not tolerate any kind of Russian nuclear forces mobilization/suspicious movement knowing that Russia is planning to use nuclear weapons first to attack other countries.

🔥Girkin returning to the propaganda battalion

Igor Girkin has been demobilized and returned to his main activity in Russia – state propaganda service. The Russian Regime has shown Girkin that he must not deviate from the “official state narrative”. Now he is attacking Shoigu for incompetence, assigning blame and nominating a scapegoat for the Russian failures.

Girkin was demonstrating a very pessimistic outlook on the Russian war prospects – reminding the Russian warmongering public that Russia is not capable to attack and achieve significant success in this war and is just preparing the defensive petition for the next Ukrainian counterattack operation. He also noted that the Ukrainian Army is not getting weaker with time and that Russia cannot win this war with the current state of things.


The abrupt change in the narrative of pro-Russian, Kremlin-paid blogger Anatoliy Shariy, who suddenly started to defend Ukraine, is conditioned by the developing court case against him in Lithuania. The money laundering case against Shariy is to be heard soon, and Feygin promises a thorough probe into all his dealings and the payments that he got from the Kremlin for his propaganda services.

Next stream on Saturday, 10th of December (at 20:00 Kyiv time).

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