Day 288, December 8th. Summary of Arestovych and Feygin daily broadcast

Posted on 10 December 2022


by Atis

Summary of the daily livestream with Aleksey Arestovych, kindly brought to you by Anastasiya: @Anastasiya1451A

English voice-over video by Privateer Station:

Original video in Russian:

🔥 Battlefield overview


Russian troops continue to construct defences on the East bank of Dnipro River fearing Ukrainian advances.
Russia sent almost a BTG (special forces and mobilized) to a desert island on the Dnipro River (Bolhshoi Potiomskenskiy), in Kherson region to attempt preventing Ukraine to disembark on the East side of Dnipro River and continue to liberate the rest of Kherson region or to enter through Kinburn spit. The Russian troops on the island are open to artillery strikes and have already attracted interest from Ukrainian artillerymen.


No significant changes. Russian troops trying to accumulate resources for the next attempt to attack Ukrainian defenders. The Russian attacks are mainly conducted with small groups, 9-20 men.

🔥Soledar, Mariinka & Bahmut

Russia has intensified its efforts to attack Bahmut even further and has numerical advantage in the area, constantly sending waves of VDV, Wagner mercenaries and mobilized.
In Jakolivka, next to Soledar, Russian forces made some advances which makes the situation more difficult but it’s not critical. The Russian gains may also be reversed.
The Russian artillery fire has decreased in intensity, which may be indicatives of problems in artillery supply/logistics.


Local clashes between Ukrainian and Russian forces.


Russia is shelling Ukrainian territory and has attacked the Kharkiv & Kharkiv region with Iranian drones, which has almost no effect except for terrorising the local civilian population.


Although Russian sources and occupational administration denies the reports of Berdyansk airport being targeted, Ukraine has successfully hit (for potentially third time in the last two days) the Russian military base and logistic hub in occupied Berdyansk.

🔥Putin publicly acknowledging Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure

Putin has publicly acknowledged Russia attacking Ukrainian critical civilian infrastructure in his public TV address, taking responsibility for these war crimes.

🔥New EU fund to help member states with military help to Ukraine

EU countries are increasing the size of the European Peace Fund by 2B euros, to the total of 6B euros. This fund is meant to help EU country members with military aid to Ukraine while fighting Russian invasion.

🔥Germany prepares to send Leopards. Maybe.

Some sources report Germany preparing Leopard-2 tanks to be sent to Ukraine. If it finally happens it will be very useful for Ukrainian counteroffensive and help Ukraine liberate its territories at a lower cost, saving Ukrainian lives.
The only thing delaying the transfer of weapons to Ukraine and the liberation of Ukrainian territory from the Russian occupiers is the West’s irrational fear of Putin who has already lost.

🔥New EU sanctions against Russia

The new EU sanctions against Russia will target 200 individuals implicated in aggression against Ukraine. Additionally, the EU is aiming to stop Russian state-propaganda channels broadcasting in Europe (1kanal, Rossia24, etc.).

🔥Russia discussing the exchange of Russian assets detained in Ukraine

Russia is trying to negotiate the exchange of detained civilians. Russia is trying to exchange Ukrainian civilians for Russian assets and spies detained and convicted in Ukraine for crimes against Ukraine and Ukrainians.

🔥US-Russia prisoner exchange – hostage WNBA player for Russian arms dealer

The US and Russia prisoner swap involved exchange of African-American NBA Brittney Griner for convicted terrorist and arms dealer Viktor Bout. Ms Griner was detained in Moscow’s airport for possession of medical cannabis oil and given an extremely harsh sentence by Russian authorities in what can only be described as a kidnapping and hostage situation.
Effectively working for the Russian GRU, Bout was captured and convicted for dealing arms, selling weapons to terrorists and planning murder of American citizens. He spent more than 10years in American prison and may have collaborated with US authorities. Now, he may not have any value for the US except to be exchanged to rescue an American hostage held by Russia.

🔥Turkey profiting with Russian gas sanctions

Turkey is set to get a 25% discount when buying Russian gas. With the EU market closed to Russia and lack of suitable infrastructure for transport of gas to other countries, Russia finds itself forced to sell gas and oil at low prices, losing massive profit.

🔥Merkel’s change in rhetoric and Germany’s role in nurturing Putin

Frau Merkel claims that “Minsk agreements were meant to give Ukraine more time to prepare for the confrontation with Russia”. This is a change in tone from the ex-Chanceler who was known as Putin’s main in the political arena.
Indeed, for years Merkel, together with France, were forcing Ukraine into ceasefire agreement with Russia, ignoring offensive behaviour from Russian and so-called “D/LPR” delegation towards Ukraine, inviting petty criminals and Russian terrorists to the “peace talks”. Merkel systematically promoted Ukrainian capitulation in the Minsk agreement in service of cheap gas from Russia. Moreover, in all those years Germany did not provide Ukraine with military or financial aid to prepare for or fend off the Russian invasion.
Frau Merkel must admit her mistakes and role in the current war:
-Merkel was main ally and defender of Putin & Russia (turning a blind eye on Russian aggression & crimes, defending Putin)
-She blocked Ukraine & Georgia applying to NATO
-She dismantled German Army and Intelligence services
-She created Germany’s dependence on Russian gas and championed NordStrem1&2
-She forced Ukraine to sign Minsk agreements and sided with Russia
Instead of searching for ridiculous excuses, she could apologise for her mistakes following the steps of Steinmeier who has changed his view and is helping Ukraine to defend itself from Russian aggression.

Next stream on Friday, 9th of December.

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