Day 201, September 12. Summary of Arestovych and Feygin daily broadcast.

Posted on 13 September 2022


by Atis

Summary of the daily livestream with Aleksey Arestovych, kindly brought to you by Atis: @savaadaak

English voice-over video by Privateer Station:

Original video in Russian:

Battlefield update:

🇺🇦 officials reporting liberating over 6000 km², which is understatement due to reporting only verified and cleaned areas.

🔥 Kupyansk-Vuzlovyi:

🇷🇺 did not manage to set up defense along river, the same did happen near Borova.

🔥 Izium:

🇷🇺 did retreat past Oskil, and set up defenses just behind river. One of main lessons in this war, is that defensive line along natural obstacles is great, especially if they go along settlements. There are photos of 🇺🇦 forces near Sviatohirsk, this creates dangerous situation for 🇷🇺 forces near Oskil.

🔥 Lyman:

🇷🇺 sources reporting that 🇺🇦 has crossed Siverskyi donets river near Zakitne, other sources mentioning that Lyman is barely holding. If that is true, and Lyman falls to 🇺🇦, then it opens road to Kremina and later Sievierodonetsk.

🔥 Siversk:

🇷🇺 and separatist forces complaining of bad situation near Spirne and near Bilohorivka

🔥 Horlivka-Marinka:

🇷🇺 holding defense, even attempting some useless probing attacks, thus destroying their infantry.

🔥 Vuhledar:

rumors of 🇷🇺 doing bad near Yehorivka

🔥 Zaporozhye:

🇷🇺 very afraid of offensive to Melitopol, it’s constantly getting reinforcements. Recently 4-6 BTGs have arrived there, setting up defenses. For 🇺🇦 to attack there, it would need a lot of forces, but it’s not impossible scenario.

🔥 Kherson:

Oleksandrivka near sea is already confirmed in 🇺🇦 control. Posad-Pokrovske also appears to be in 🇺🇦 control. Most interesting is situation near Davydiv Brid, new ground seems to be gained by 🇺🇦. From official reports, there are also advances at norther most part (Vysokopillia)

🔥 Kharkiv operation

continues, but it’s not going to be fast and easy anymore, more like Kherson, using natural borders. 🇺🇦 has resources to continue.

🔥 Internal conflicts:

[ audio recording, where 🇷🇺 military blaming LNR forces for fleeing and leaving equipment – 20 tanks, while generals begging to defend ].
However, intel reports that those were not LNR forces, but 11th corps from Kaliningrad. Now there is conflict between regular 🇷🇺 army and LNR.
In another report, Kadyrovites got in conflict with regular 🇷🇺 army near Kherson.

🔥 Ukraine bombings:

🇺🇦 keeps attacking warehouses and command posts. Recently high level headquarters of 🇷🇺 VDV were hit in Kherson.

🔥 Russian military:

Leaked intel shows 🇷🇺 ceasing to send new units to 🇺🇦, many refusing. Top 3 reasons are: disbelief in command, huge losses, not understanding perspective of war.
Commander of 🇷🇺 Western military district replaced after 15 days in position. Position now taken by Lapin. This illustrates collapse of command chain, and previous chaos in Kharkiv direction.

🔥 Kharkiv Thermal Power Plant:

As usual, when 🇷🇺 cant win in battlefield, they take revenge on civilians. Light was restored in 2 hours at some areas. 🇺🇦 has created HQ on fixing emergency energy issues, there are significant reserves available. This attack won’t stay without response.
West reacted strongly, expecting tightening of sanctions, including responsible persons, increased speed of weapons delivery.

🔥 War crimes:

Newly liberated territories have war crimes already discovered.

🔥 Collaborators

Collaborators and immigrants in occupied territories can face up to 12-15 years in prison, and they do not get exchanged in POW exchange. Best action for them, is to flee to 🇷🇺 now. Let everyone remember – there won’t be 🇷🇺 here.

🔥 Kadyrov sends more troops

They don’t participate in battles, but try to catch deserters, participate in filtration, harass local population while searching for artillery spotters. Right now some are located on West bank of Dnipro river, uncertain if they will make out of there.

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