Day 180, August 22. Summary of Arestovych and Feygin daily broadcast.

Posted on 23 August 2022


by Atis

Summary of the daily livestream with Aleksey Arestovych, kindly brought to you by Atis: @savaadaak

English voice-over video by Privateer Station:

Original video in Russian:

Battlefield update:

No significant changes, everything is the same in all locations except Kherson


🇷🇺 relocated few fresh BTGs to west bank, they are attacking on line Oleksandrivka / Posad-Pokrovske / Blahodatne, trying to push 🇺🇦 back, but no success.

🇺🇦 destroying at least 3-4 warehouses and command posts every day, sometimes 7-8. Interesting, how long 🇷🇺 can sustain this.


Today was a strike on Antonivskyi bridge, several armored vehicles managed to cross it slowly. There have been near to 100 hits, throughput has decreased significantly, yet it is still passable. Destroying bridges is not easy task. Crimea bridge, has the same perspective – it could be hit symbolically, but serious damage or destruction is unlikely.

Assassination of Dugina:

FSB accusations have no credibility. 🇺🇦 secret services have no benefit from killing Darya Dugin. Rather 🇷🇺 secret services employees would be better target, as they have actual influence. Creating martyrs is bad idea. Arestovych thinks, Darya was killed for financial issues (likely of father), possibly by FSB itself. Over 90% murders in 🇷🇺 are for money – either took wrong money, or didn’t deliver results. Even NRA (National Republican Army) is more believable, than 🇺🇦 secret services.

Arestovych has met Dugin:

In February 2005, Arestovych visited Moscow, and communicated with Dugin a lot. Dugin organized a meeting with (not yet patriarch) Kirill and conference at RIA news. Many of Dugin’s assistants were from FSB. Key to this meeting can be found in date when Arestovych quit from 🇺🇦 Military Intelligence directorate (ГУР МО). This was work.

Planned trials of 🇺🇦 solders:

Zelensky’s announcement of no further peace talks in case of trials is very strong message. Trial of combatants for participation is a war crime itself.


🇺🇸 to provide Switchblade-600, it’s more serious, intended for destroying armored vehicles.

🇺🇳UN: Risk of nuclear confrontation is high

This is in context to recent nuclear conference. Most concerns of Zaporizhia NPP.

🇷🇺 borders:

Rumors of 🇷🇺 considering closing borders due to recent bombing are unlikely. Putin’s “contract” is, that citizens can view war in TV, but don’t feel it’s influence. So far middle-class Russians could travel, and taking that away, creating repressions could easily swing many against Putin. If 🇪🇺 does that, they become enemy.


Each next level is much more complicated than previous. For personal sanctions, each person needs to be proven having risk and intent, it takes huge work. Secret services have better solutions than killing.


Feygin and Arestovych continue to support people in need, profits from merchandise shops are donated to chosen people, € 2000 each.
Previous recipient Zakhar did loose both legs and arm. Another recipient – a girl from Mykolaiv is waiting for next transaction. Next candidate is family from Kharkiv, who lost son and has daughter in hospital.
Shop links: [Ukraine] [Europe, Middle East, Asia] [Americas]

Next broadcast on Wednesday, 🇺🇦 Independence day

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