Day 166, August 8. Summary of Arestovych and Feygin daily broadcast

Posted on 09 August 2022



Summary of the daily livestream with Aleksey Arestovych, kindly brought to you by Stepan:

Broadcast covers 2 days as there was no stream yesterday.


Khakhiv was shelled once again. To the north west of the city the Russians attempt attacks, unsuccessful.


On the Izyum direction, the Russians attempted to attack Husarivka, again unsuccessful. According to some reports, the Ukrainians have liberated Dovhen’ke. The Ukrainians are advancing on Izyum. A tactical encirclement of Russian troops is possible. Russian counterattacks yesterday failed. Arestovych highlights the importance of these offensive operations


On the Sviersk direction, continued unsuccessful Russian advances towards Serebrianka. 


Bakhmut direction: Russians slowly closing in on Bakhmuts’ke. Pokrovs’ke has been captured by Russian troops. Advances towards Zaitseve. Difficult situation for us in this area around Kodema; a salient is forming and the enemy has advanced.


Avdiivka to Mar’inka direction: nearly no Russian troops in this area, only so-called DPR troops. Attacks north and south of Avdiivka in an attempt to surround the town. Attempted attacks on Pisky. Situation is Pisky constantly swinging back and forth. Large concentration of artillery in that area from both sides. No Russian advance. Arestovych remarks that the Russian “glorious battle for Ukraine” has been reduced to a battle for a cow farm on the outskirts of Pisky. Russian attempt to advance on Mari’nka unsuccessful. Unsuccessful Russian counterattacks on the Vuhledar direction.

Kherson direction

Melitopol hit yesterday: 100+ Russian casualties, some officers.

Kherson direction: 3-4 BTGs of Russian VDV attempted an advance west of Snihurivka. We cannot say yet whether this is the main thrust of a Russian offensive or just a distraction. Arestovych believes that this is either a distraction or a probing attack. Attacks on Novohryhorivka, Russians are attempting to take the shortest route to Mykolaiv. Several BTGs brought over the river as reinforcements.

At least 4 S-300 and 2 Pantsir Russian AA systems have been destroyed by the Ukrainian air force in Kherson oblast using newly supplied missiles. Antonovsky bridge was hit during the night and is now heavy vehicles cannot use the bridge. Several storage depots have been destroyed in Davydiv Brid, Beryslav, Oleshky and so on.

Zaporizhzhia NPP situation

Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station: Arestovych remarks that the country who lived through Chernobyl would not shell a nuclear power station on their own territory. Arestovych believes that the Russian threat to blow up the power station is a Russian blackmail attempt to force the Ukrainians to negotiate. Ukraine will not negotiate. Arestovych believes that the Russians will not blow up the power station. Some sanctions may be imposed on Russia in the nuclear sector in response to these threats.


Zaporozhzhia referendum: Arestovych believes this is another blackmail attempt. Russians fear a Ukrainian offensive in Zaporozhzhia more than one in Kherson.

Weapons package: Arestovych implies that NASAMS systems are already in Ukraine. Ukraine will continue to receive shipments of anti radiation missiles. A billion dollars [the value of the weapons shipment] is a lot, this will undoubtedly have an effect on the battlefield.

Russian casualties

Feygin brings up Pentagon 70-80k Russian casualties figure and comments that this appears to make AFU claims of 40k Russians killed credible. Arestovych notes that the Russians have an unusually high killed:wounded ratio as a result of poor medical assistance. He also says that L/DPR and Wagner casualties are not counted here. Russian units are reinforced with L/DPR conscripts.

Another wave of mobilisation has taken place in the L/DPR. People have been executed for refusing mobilisation. Arestovych says this is a tragic situation because Putin is forcing Ukrainians to go kill other Ukrainians.

Erdogan-Putin summit

Kadyrov was not included in the meeting despite Putin’s wishes. Arestovych says that many in the west are unhappy with Turkiye’s  politics because of their undermining of NATO’s united front against Russia. Arestovych says there will be consequences for Turkiye. Perhaps these actions will take place behind closed doors. So far Turkiye is the main beneficiary from this situation [the war]. 

No stream tomorrow.

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