Day 142, July 15. Summary of Arestovych and Feygin daily broadcast

Posted on 16 July 2022


by Atis

Summary of the daily livestream with Aleksey Arestovych, kindly brought to you by Atis:

English voice-over video by Privateer Station:

Original video in Russian:

Battlefield update:

Kharkiv: 🇷🇺 attempted movements
Izium: attempts at traditional locations, no progress
Siversk: 🇷🇺 want to repeat their tactic at Sievierodonetsk – to flank from Verkhnokamianske, then frontal attack from Bilohorivka (one direction covers, while other attacks), then units waiting across river attack Zakitne at rear. Rumors on 🇷🇺 reaching Siversk are false, it is typical for 🇷🇺 to announce victories ahead.
Popasna: 🇷🇺 units who arrived at Bilohorivka [other one] 3 weeks ago, still attempting to cut road Bakhmut-Lysychansk. Units at Volodymyrivka trying to reach Bakhmutske with intent to reach Krasna Hora and surround Bakhmut from north.
Luhansk district: 🇷🇺 warehouse destroyed, detonations for 2 hours.
Horlivka: 🇷🇺 attempted movements on New York, intent to reach crossroads Avdiivka-Pokrovsk-Bakhmut, they are welcome to try.
Zaporozhye: nothing
Kherson: 🇺🇦 attacking with artillery, rockets and aviation, tired to count hits, destroying operational and operational-tactical level units and supply structures, easing 🇷🇺 defense. Something interesting will happen, when reaching tactical level.
If referendum is planned in September, most interesting things will probably happen in August.

🇷🇺 attack attempts:

Normally unit would report – enemy attack in 4-5 locations, did not succeed.
Failed 🇷🇺 attack means few destroyed vehicles, few dozen dead.
Sometimes 🇷🇺 succeed at tactical objectives by using strategic level weapons and reserves, it’s worse than burning money in furnace.

Vinnytsia bombing:

Even if there was some secret meeting, bombing city center during daytime is forbidden by international war laws. 🇷🇺 should be excluded from UN, recognized as terrorist state, more sanctions, more weapon supplies.


Hypothesis: with daylight bombings, 🇷🇺 is increasing hate and chauvinism in 🇺🇦 population, accompanied by long informational campaigns, with goals to create people so hateful, that they would attack anyone. That could then be used as example to the West, that 🇺🇦 is dangerous chauvinist country with million large army, and dangerous weapons. Problem is, that 🇺🇦 is following this plan, like mass psychosis.

There is non-liberal society forming in 🇷🇺, volunteering, buying drones, etc. This is, because for 2 months there is no need to make up proof, that 🇺🇦 are fascist/Bandera supporters, as 🇺🇦 supporters are posting terrifying photos and videos of dead 🇷🇺 solders, shooting legs, etc. 🇺🇦 government should create confidence, that everyone attacking will be found and tried, this is European country. Chauvinism should be put out, the West will not greet that, 🇺🇦 can not afford it. This is significant issue, and 🇷🇺 has calculated it.

It’s visible in media analytics – daytime hit, followed by stream of incitement to hatred. There should be governmental policy against this type of informational warfare.
It’s understandable that people will be emotional and hating, it should be discussed and explained. By feeding hate, 🇺🇦 are being made fascists, which in turn fuels enthusiasm and excuses in 🇷🇺.
This even creates schizophrenic emotions – we want 🇷🇺ns to wake up, but die meanwhile. That’s not how to win a war.

🇷🇺 even doesn’t want to win a war anymore, they want to create significant enough crisis, and outlast everyone. Expecting 🇪🇺 would give in during winter with energy crisis and significant decrease of life quality. 🇺🇦 energy infrastructure can be bombed.


M270 MLRS have arrived in 🇺🇦. Amount won’t be disclosed, but it’s nice. Tracked vehicle won’t be driving around much, they will be relocated where needed. Worst job in the world is now night-guard of 🇷🇺 ammo warehouse.
🇺🇸 defense budget approved, $1bn for 🇺🇦, $500m for important ammunition, $100m for 🇺🇦 pilot training on F15 and F-16.
🇺🇦 has pilots that have already flown F-16 while ago. Even 10 F-16s would radically change situation, that would be equal to 100 M142 HIMARS.
🇵🇱 pledged 232 PT-91 Twardy tanks, enough for 3 tank brigades.
Everything seems ok with weapons.


no comments until officials. No cease-fire. 🇷🇺 would not want to sit for months under HIMARS fire.


Felix died at recon mission near Lozova, he fought against 🇷🇺 already in 2014-2016. At 6th grade, when in school he said, he want to be in army, he was laughed at. Today 🇺🇦 is paying price for attitude toward it’s army from 1991-2014. 🇩🇪 and 🇬🇧 have made similar mistakes. Humanity likes to think, that war won’t repeat. After this war everyone will remember for long, that there should be light, brotherhood and trust in the world, but it should not be naive. Defense of country is not only military issue, it starts with kindergarten teachers, families, school teachers. It’s issue for academics, experts and politicians, who don’t let to disband army after 50 years of peace. 🇨🇭 Switzerland has 4th best prepared army in world, despite not having wars for 213 years.
Thanks to Felix, his family, team and hundreds of others who are fighting, paying for mistakes of our society.
Do not make mistakes, that are later paid by hundreds and thousands like Felix. This is our collective responsibility.
Felix got medal for bravery.
We are still making mistakes in government politics, in propaganda, which will cost us a lot. Do not strengthen 🇷🇺 society with our disgusting propaganda, it is very stupid strategy.

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