Day 132, July 5. Summary of Arestovych and Feygin daily broadcast

Posted on 06 July 2022


by Atis

Summary of the daily livestream with Aleksey Arestovych, kindly brought to you by Atis:

English voice-over video by Privateer Station:

Original video in Russian:

Battlefield update:

Kharkiv: 🇷🇺 slowed down, still shelling from regular artillery, MLRS, Iskander missiles. North of Kharkiv today was even air-strike. Air-defense is working, it can somewhat hit Iskander and Kalibr missiles (recently 2-3 intercepted out of 5-6), but can’t fight against unguided MLRS, like BM-21 GRAD, it would be impossibly expensive to intercept those.
Some counter-artillery shots are being done, if attackers are in 🇺🇦 territory. If they happen to be in 🇷🇺 territory, there are smoking accidents, but not always, as they are in populated areas, covered by air-defense, masking.
Izium: 🇷🇺 had tiny advance near Mazanivka, nothing systematic.
Lysychansk: Bilohorivka still not captured by 🇷🇺, thus not all Luhansk district is controlled.
Bakhmut: active battles on road M-03, unsuccessful 🇷🇺 attempts to move from Svitlodarsk to Bakhmut.
Avdiivka: 🇷🇺 had some tactical level advances north of Avdiivka, attempts to cut off road H-20.
Zaporozhye: 🇺🇦 has advances, 🇷🇺 trying to regroup and dig in.
Kherson: significant artillery battles, 🇷🇺 brought 2 BTGs from Zaporozhye direction, trying to stop 🇺🇦 forces near Vysokopyllia and Arkhanhelske. 🇺🇦 having tactical level advances, not counter-offensive.

🇷🇺 peak capabilities was 2-3 weeks ago, during Sievierodonetsk-Lysychansk operation. There are still no fresh reserves from 🇷🇺 territory, only relocation of existing forces. This is sad for the side, who still thinks they are attacking. Pause means big troubles for 🇷🇺 soon – they have to move existing forces some 300km (Kherson-Zaporozhye) or even more (Izium-Bakhmut). 🇷🇺 not having rest, trying to capture all villages where 🇺🇦 has retreated, yet falling under artillery fire [sounds like 🇺🇦 setting up artillery traps].

🇺🇦 attack intensity increasing, due to having plenty of ammo. 1-1.5 months ago there was lack of ammo, 🇺🇦 division (18 howitzers) used 100 shells per day against 2000 of 🇷🇺 division. There have been days, when 🇷🇺 used 45 000 shells near Izium-Popasna by 360 howitzers in 20 divisions. 🇺🇦 response would be 1000-2000 shells per day.

Recently many 🇷🇺 warehouses, command posts, camps in deep rear have started to blow up, from some north-west wind. 🇷🇺 army is facing painful changes in tempo, capabilities, depth, intensity of operation, due to only 4 M142 HIMARS. 🇷🇺 has spent billions to build army, that can be countered so easily. Now imagine if 🇺🇦 got 50 HIMARS, they would soon reach Ural mountains. Currently HIMARS are driving around a lot, they are very mobile.

Today 🇺🇦 air-defense started working significantly better. Near Dnipro intercepted 6 out of 7 missiles, at Ochakiv, Mykolaiv district destroyed 3 out of 3 missiles. Somehow better targeting. Just-in, 4 missiles launched from Black sea, 3 intercepted.

In 🇷🇺 Bryansk district, 3 unidentified persons opened fire on OMON [Police special forces], looks like actual partisan movement.


M270 have still not arrived, only 4 M142 HIMARS for now.
🇬🇧 pledged 10 self-propelled howitzers (almost 2 brigades)

Moskva sailor’s Dmitri Shkrebets father who was highly supportive of 🇷🇺 army, went to join Freedom of Russia Legion. Application hasn’t been received yet [hasn’t been online for 2 days]


🇬🇧 considering confiscating 🇷🇺 owned properties, which would be significant source of reparations. Yermak-McFaul group has achieved of 48-49% tasks, however West is all about protecting private property, it’s going to take hard work to actually confiscate something.
🇨🇭Switzerland agreed on sanctions, however they need to verify that accounts actually are used to support or finance war, before blocking them, it’s going to take a while.

🇨🇳 Xi Jinping refused visit in 🇷🇺.

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