Belarus: Officers of the 5th special operations brigade address to Lukashenka

Posted on 02 July 2022



Twitter users posted an alleged address from the officers of the 5th special operations brigade of the Republic of Belarus to President Lukashenka urging him to reconsider assisting Russia in invading Ukraine. The translation of the address is provided below:

Open letter from servicemen

of the 5th special operations brigade

of the Belarus Republic Armed Forces

Dear Aleksandr Grigoryevich!


Personnel of the 5th special operations brigade of the Armed Forces, in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Belarus, is carrying out tasks of ensuring security and the armed defence of the Republic of Belarus, its sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and constitutional order. Without exception, all servicemen of the brigade are ready to defend the borders of our motherland till the last drop of blood, despite any difficulties and hardships of the service.


At the moment, officers of the 5th special operations brigade are observing gross violations of the 1st article of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus by the highest political authorities of the Russian Federation. According to this article, “the Republic of Belarus possesses dominance and full powers in its own territory, independently carries out internal and external politics”.


Occupation by the Russian Federation of internationally recognised territories of the friendly to us state of Ukraine, attempts of the president of the RF V. V. Putin to pull the Republic of Belarus into an unprovoked war against a sovereign state is nothing but a destruction of the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus. As a result of the military aggression, the Russian Federation already ended up in an international economical and political isolation, which in essence rapidly destroys the economy of the country.


The Republic of Belarus is a democratic, social and legal state. According to the 2nd article of the Constitution, individual is a supreme value and a goal of the state, as well as individual’s rights, freedoms and guarantees of their implementation. Support of the RF president Vladimir Putin in his aggression against Ukraine will lead to massive human casualties among military and civilians. Entering a war against Ukraine as well as European countries and the USA who support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders will remove the Republic of Belarus from the community of civilised states, will make our state an outcast for years to come.


Entering the war on Russia’s side will be a suicide for the Republic of Belarus. The political isolation and international economic sanctions, which will inevitably follow the aggression towards Ukraine, will be devastating for our country, which unlike the RF does not have the same safety measures in the form of natural resources.


Taking the above into account, the personnel of the 5th special operations brigade appeals to you, dear Aleksandr Grigoryevich, with a call to not sacrifice the people of Belarus, the future of our children, sovereignty of the state you are leading to please the imperial ambitions of the President of the Russian Federation, which are alien to all citizens of Belarus without exceptions.


By choosing the military profession we are all ready to give our lives to defend our motherland from aggression. At the same time, by joining an expansionist war against a friendly state, we will lose the right to be called officers in the eyes of our children, and turn into invaders and war criminals.


Officers of the 5th special operations brigade of the Armed Forces.



Colonel – D. N. Osipchuk

Lt. Colonel – V. G. Tolok

Lt. Colonel – V. M. Markevich

Major – M. G. Grazhdiyeru

Major – D. V. Chernabay

Major – A. A. Tsimbalyuk

Major – P. P. Butrim

Major – A. A. Vyazhevich

Major – M. P. Bobrovskyi

Major – E. V. Kraynyk

Captain – V. V. Misyukevich

Captain – E. A. Gorbachenko

Captain – A. G. Dergachyov

Captain – A. V. Gaydorov

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